Melfort Fire Chief weighs in on spotting needles

Melfort Fire and Recue has received two separate calls of improperly discarded needles in Melfort within a week’s time.

Fire Chief Jason Everitt said their main concern is children coming across the needles which could be contaminated and getting poked by it.

He said there is a risk of contracting a virus.

“Some of the viruses out there are very short lived,  just seconds outside of the host, others can last significantly longer,” Everitt said. “We want people to be careful and we don’t want them to contract a disease or illness as a result of a needle stick and so if they see it call that report number that we have been promoting and we will come look after it.”

The number to call if you see a needle and aren’t comfortable disposing of it yourself is 306-953-4284.

If you are comfortable with disposing of it yourself there are some guidelines to follow.

“We ask them to wear gloves and pick it up by the barrel and then put it into a solid container like a pop bottle or laundry container that has a screw lid on it,” said Everitt.

The needle should then be dropped off at city hall, with Melfort EMS or at the Hospital to be properly disposed of.

On October 14th, the Melfort Fire Department responded to the 100 block of Macleod Ave. E. for reported needles on the ground.

Eight needles were retrieved and discarded in that incident.

On October 22nd, firefighters were called to dispose of needles on Quebec Street.

At around 4:40pm, one member of the fire department cleared two needles from the roadway and disposed of them.

Needles found on October 14th on Macleod Ave.


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