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Gronlid School Students Crunch for World Food Day

Gronlid School students celebrated World Food Day yesterday by participating in The Big Crunch.
The Big Crunch program was started to bring attention to the food system, highlight local produce and promote growing our own food.   Students watched a video on a carrot harvest near Saskatoon and participated in a quiz about carrots.   Students then bit into a locally grown carrot in unison.
October is Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan.   Our Food has a Story is the theme.
“This is an Agriculture in the Classroom initiative that they started a couple of years ago and it has to do with where your food comes from,”  said Grade one and two teacher Nadine Hiebert.   “Students learn that food doesn’t just magically appear in the grocery store.  It actually comes from somewhere”.
“We are lucky we live where we do,”  Hiebert added.   “Because we have the opportunity to visit gardens and farms and see where food comes from.”
Gronlid School students will visit a farm tomorrow and enjoy lunch in the field while they make the connection between food and the farm.
The carrots came from Miss Hiebert’s garden.
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