Flu Clinics Opening Soon


October 11, 2018 at 6:00 am - Home, Local News
By Cam Lee

Flu immunization clinics are coming to the northeast later this month.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority is hosting flu clinics across the province, with the first in this area October 22nd at the Nipawin Seniors Hall.

Medical Health Officer Dr. Mohammad Khan says it’s important to be vaccinated.

“The flu could be a nuisance for some people, healthy people, but it could be dangerous for high risk people – that we call high risk – very old, very young, pregnant women, and people that have any chronic health conditions” explains Dr. Khan.

“This is the best weapon we have against the flu – the flu vaccine.”

According to Dr. Khan, there have already been some cases of influenza in Saskatchewan.

“There are some cases reported in the province, so we think as the winter arrived earlier, maybe the flu has also arrived.”

He admits last year’s vaccine missed the mark.

“Last year there was a mismatch of the vaccine” says Dr. Khan. “Usually we follow the southern hemisphere, and we haven’t seen any change in the virus – it was a milder flu season in the southern hemisphere, so we’re expecting a milder season (here).”

Some of the symptoms of influenza include sneezing, coughing, fever, and a run down feeling, and Dr. Khan says higher risk people are more likely to see complications, including pneumonia.

He adds if you are experiencing these symptoms, don’t go to work and try not to go out in public as it is much more likely to spread to others.

A list of communities with flu clinics can be found here.



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