Public Input On Trespass Legislation


September 13, 2018 at 11:46 am - Home, Ag Access
By Alice McFarlane

The provincial government is reviewing trespass legislation to determine if changes are needed to better address the balance between rural landowners and the public.

Existing access and posting rules are different for The Trespass to Property Act, The Wildlife Act, The All-Terrain Vehicles Act, The Snowmobile Act and The Provincial Lands Regulations.

This may contribute to confusion on what legally constitutes trespassing.

As part of the review, the Ministry of Justice is asking if all access by members of the public to rural property require the express advance permission of the rural land owner regardless of the activity.   If so, they want to hear from the public how this permission be granted.

The questionnaire can be found at

Responses to the questionnaire must be completed by October 1st.




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