Broncos Open Regular Season in Front of Packed Elgar Petersen Arena


September 12, 2018 at 11:42 pm - Home, Local News, Local Sports
By Mat Barrett

Hockey is back in Humboldt.

The Broncos opened their regular season in front of a packed house at the Elgar Petersen Arena last night.

It was the first regular season game since Aprils bus crash that took 16 lives.

Broncos President Jamie Brockman says “going through what we’ve gone through to get to this point, there has been a wide array of emotions. There is going to be some joy, there is going to be some sadness, at different times throughout the night. I think today, we’ve got a fairly big step, we’ve circled on the calendar as a moving forward point.”

The Broncos welcomed the Nipawin Hawks, they same team they were on their way to face on April 6th.

Justin Trudeau spoke yesterday in Saskatoon and said “37 million people will be cheering the Broncos on.”

Brockman said “It’s tremendous. We have felt so much support across the globe, across

Canada, across Saskatchewan, Humboldt, a lot of people giving us well wishes. The love and support has been felt through all of this, at every step of the way.”

On the ice, the Hawks would come away with a 2-1 victory.

Head Coach of the Broncos Nathan Oystrick says “For the first one, as a group, I thought we had a a really good first [period], second period we had some tough times, I think we lost the game within about 10 minutes or so, but all in all I thought it was a really good game.”

Two players who were on the bus on April 6th, Brayden Camrud, and Derek Patter, were in the game last night.

Camrud tallied an assist, while Patter provided a bunch of energy for the Broncos.

Oystrick said “I though they were tremendous. I can’t say enough good things about either of those guys. They work, and they work, and they work, they do the little things that hekp us compete, and be a good team.”

Head Coach and General Manager of the Broncos, Nathan Oystrick addresses the media after an emotional game.

Brockman says now that the game is done, the team can focus more on their season ahead.

“Through all of this, there is still a hockey team to run. We have 25 players, a coaching staff, an office staff that are focused on this year, and what we can do to help them get that moving forward, and just focused on hockey and the season at hand, we’re going to do.”

Their was a small ceremony before the game with a few of the 13 players injured from the crash, as well as a larger ceremony after the game to honour all 29 people on the bus, and everyone involved.

The Elgar Petersen Arena was completely sold out for last nights game.



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