Unpaid utility bills to be added to tax bills in Melfort


September 11, 2018 at 6:17 am - Home, Local News
By Angie Rolheiser

Some tax bills in the City of Melfort may be going up.

That is if your utility bills go unpaid.

Council approved last night at the regular council meeting that if a utility bill goes unpaid, it can be put on the land owners tax bill.

Mayor Rick Lang said it is another way to collect those bills.

“When you are talking about a renter there was a point in time where it was a onerous process to go through to recoup those funds so this has been a change to the city’s act that gives us a clearer course on how to recoup those unpaid dues,” Lang said.

This does put a bit more responsibility on the landlord.

“How they collect from the tenant will be between them and the tenant,” Land explained. “We are not really dealing with the tenant, the property owner is the one that pays taxes to the city and has those obligations to make sure everything is paid in respect to their property.”



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