Heat warnings and air quality advisories continue in the region


August 9, 2018 at 7:03 am - Home, Local News
By Angie Rolheiser

Hot temperatures are here to stay for the rest of the week.

Environment Canada’s Terri Lang said northeast and central areas could reach the mid 30’s Friday and Saturday, while it could hit 40 in southern Saskatchewan.

Lang said heat waves like this are not uncommon.

“We haven’t seen high temperatures like this, especially over an extended period so that’s why I think people aren’t necessarily used to it,” Lang said. “Not out of the realm of possibility just with looking at record temperatures around the region we know that this heat has happened before.”

Meanwhile, Lang said storm activity likely won’t be a huge factor until the system moves into Manitoba on Sunday.

“Looks like the ridge that is giving us this weather will break down on the weekend and usually when there is a break down of ridge we do see some thunderstorms, some severe weather, and usually a lot of wind with that as well as It moves east ward.”

Meanwhile, the smoke from BC’s forest fires is expected to stick around through the weekend, making the conditions even more uncomfortable, and in some cases dangerous.

“We expect the smoke will stick around just because these ridges of high pressure tend to trap the smoke and we don’t see an end to the source of the smoke because British Columbia has a lot of fires going on,” Lang explained. “Hopefully it won’t mx too much down to the surface because that really complicates matter health-wise  when you are dealing with smoke and heat.”



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