Dutch Elm Disease continual problem in Melfort and area


August 8, 2018 at 7:18 am - Home, Local News
By Angie Rolheiser

Dutch Elm Disease continues to be an issue in Northeast Saskatchewan.

This year, the city of Melfort has discovered 16 infected trees.

However, that number is down from 18 a year ago according to Director of Community Services Ryan Danberg.

“We’re treating this very seriously in the fact of it’s rapid removal, take it out of the city and properly dispose of it at the landfill,” Danberg said. “Please check with  city representative before you do any trimming.”

He reminds residents that there is no pruning or cutting of elm trees from April until the end of August.

“The key is to do continuous studies so were engaged with two different groups to do proper studies within our city as well as rapid removal,” Danberg explained.

The city has 5km buffer zone around Melfort to help keep it under control.



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