City discusses Melfort Chamber at council meeting


July 10, 2018 at 8:07 am - Home, Local News
By Angie Rolheiser

The City of Melfort held it’s regular council meeting last night with the Chamber of Commerce being a big topic of discussion. 

The City has decided that Tim Hoenmans will no longer be on the board.

Mayor Rick Lang said the premise of having someone on the board was to look after the interest of the city because of the $30,000 grant to the chamber from the city.

“Since we are no longer giving them that grant then we didn’t see a need to dictate to them that we should have a board member on their board,” said Lang.

Lang said the city will stay a member, and having Councillor Daryl Benson on the board as a member through his own business does give the City a bit of a liaison.

“This is something that is likely going to be permanent from the city’s perspective, we are not going to dictate that we have a person on the chamber of commerce board anymore since we do not give them the $30,000 a year grant with respect to tourism,” Lang explained.

The city is doing all of their tourism in house now.





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