Nirvana care home in Melfort wants snow removal priority


March 13, 2018 at 6:43 am - Home, Local News
By Angie Rolheiser

A delegation from Assisted Living, the Adult Day Care Program, and Home Care approached council in Melfort on Monday night.

Sandy Weseen, Leanne Fannon and Stacy Meyers sought to discuss what the programs offer within the Nirvana Building on Burns Avenue East.

They also asked council if they could be moved up the snow clearing priority list, after last week’s snow made it difficult for workers, the Handi-Van, and others around the building.

“For a service like this some of those people depend on these workers to get to work on time and provide that service so we are certainly going to have to look at that,” said Mayor Rick Lang.

The topic will be discussed at the next meeting of the Works & Utilities Committee.

“See if we can do things a little differently, fit them into the cue differently so that they are a priority right up there with say, clearing a path to the hospital,” said Lang.



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