Curbside recycling coming to Melfort


February 13, 2018 at 8:43 am - Home, Local News
By Angie Rolheiser

Blue bins will soon be accompanying garbage bins in the city.

The City of Melfort’s regular council meeting was held Monday night where council discussed the curbside recycling program that they hope to launch in the city in April.

Mayor Rick Lang said over the next two months, they will educate residents on what goes into the blue bin that will alternate weeks with garbage pick-up.

“There are certain things, like glass is a classic example,” said Lang. “There is no glass allowed in that recycle bin, there is still an option to recycle glass by taking it out to Plus Industries and so that’s where the dual recyclers will come in and be a bonus for us.”

Lang said landfill issues swayed their decision to move to curbside recycling, in an effort to keep recyclable material out of the landfill.

 “An expansion of the landfill is something we don’t want to see anytime soon,” Lang said.

Curbside recycling has had great success in many other communities and the city is hoping that recyclable material amounts will increase and Plus Industries will still have a hand in recycling.

Residents will see a  $2.55 increase per month on their utility bill for their blue bin.



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