PTSD Service Dog Turns Guard Dog; Bites Two People


October 12, 2017 at 9:39 am - Home, Local News
By Angie Rolheiser

An area woman with post traumatic stress disorder who spent months fundraising for a service dog is now out the money and the dog.
Tracey Sandbach of Aylsham flew to Ontario to train with her long awaited service dog after purchasing it for $12,000 from

After bringing the dog home, Sandbach said the dog turned into more of a guard dog.

“She was not letting people close to me, should would bark at people, then it got to a point where she would lung at people, and she lunged at six different people, and then it got to a point where she actually bit two people,” explained Sandbach.

The dog even bit her dad who came to the training in Ontario with her.

Looking back over the past couple of months, Sandbach said she should have realized there was a major problem to start with.

“When we were waiting at the airport, the first day that I had her and we went to fly back, she actually lunged at a little boy that was making circles in front of her, not really close but she did lung at him, so that showed me right there that from day one that she was already showing her aggression,” she said.

The woman has since sent the dog back to the company and says there is no sign of getting a refund.

“He(the trainer) said that it was my fault that she turned aggressive, he would then retrain her and I said I do not want her back, and he said that he would replace her with a different dog and I just can’t do that,” said Sandbach. “I’m going to be scared of his dogs now so he said that there is no hope in me getting my money back.”

In the midst of sending the dog back, Sandbach was hospitalized because she was so scared and stressed after the dog attempted to attack her uncle.

Her plan now is to get a black lab and train the dog with assistance from a friend who trains service dogs.

She is concerned though with how she will pay for yet another dog which she needs to be on her own or will need to be moved into assisted living.



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