What are the benefits disputes by employment lawyer in Ontario?

Posted on December 28, 2021December 31, 2021Categories Lawyers

We can maintain our financial and physical health by maintaining a good work-life balance, but often we end up taking on more than we can handle. We may find ourselves working too much or not having enough time with family and friends. This is why many employment lawyers would like to see an improved work-life balance for all employees. And this is especially true for those who are employed part-time or on contract.

Employment lawyer Toronto advise their clients that they must try to create a balance between the hours they spend at work and the time they have available outside of work to enjoy life. Allowing one’s self a full life away from work requires a flexible schedule where employers can rest easy knowing you won’t call in sick at the last minute or take an unexpected day off. We know, for instance‚Ķ

If employers can be assured that their employees are not overworked, they will have no problem offering flexible schedules where job sharing is possible or allowing employees more flexibility when it comes to taking time off for personal matters. Flexible schedules may also benefit parents looking to pick up their children from school or daycare and employees who, because of a long commute, want to start earlier in the morning or leave earlier in the afternoon.

Best employment lawyer Toronto would like to see more employers offering flexible work options. At present, however, Canadian employees do not have the right under the law to ask for these arrangements; they must rely on their managers and employers who may be willing to accommodate such requests.

Even if a company is not entirely comfortable with the idea, it may decide to offer flexible work options simply because their competitors do. Employers must always give serious consideration to their ability to remain competitive when assessing opportunities for adjusting employment terms and conditions. The benefits from any such changes can only be realized if the company implements equitable processes for their implementation.

Employees can take advantage of these types of arrangements, which include telecommuting, compressed work weeks, job sharing and term-time hours. While this flexibility is most often used to accommodate parents with young children or seniors who are approaching retirement age, employees have also asked for more flexible working conditions to help them cope with chronic health issues. Some employers may offer part-time arrangements as a way of accommodating individuals who want to maintain some level of employment while attending school or pursuing an artistic endeavour.