Riders Star Muamba Visiting Local Schools & Teams


February 17, 2017 at 6:03 am - Home, Local News, Local Sports
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Local students and athletes have been receiving some words of encouragement from a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders this week.

Linebacker Henoc Muamba has visited communities such as Star City, Rose Valley, and Birch Hills talking to schools and local teams.

Muamba says it’s been a very encouraging few days visiting the young adults in the region.

“It’s rewarding and fulfilling to me, to be able to impact, guide, and direct some of the young people,” Muamba says. “And just encourage them on their journeys to greatness, because one of the things I always say to everyone I meet, especially when I deliver my different messages, I always tell them that they have the potential and ability to be great.”

Inspiration has been a big part of Muamba’s speeches, saying that he uses the kindness and encouragement he receives from locals on the field throughout the season.

Muamba adds he’s hoping to instill the lessons he’s learned over his career to the young people of Saskatchewan.

“I’ve been going out and reaching out to a few different schools and just bringing a word of encouragement,” he says. “I’m going into my seventh season as a professional athlete and I’ve learned so many things that not only help a lot of people in the football world, but also in general life.”

On Friday, Muamba will be the special guest with the Nipawin Hawks as they host their annual ‘Faith Night’ while Muamba will also be speaking at the Tisdale Trojans’ banquet.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Muamba says he’s excited to go to battle with new signings Chad Owens and Marc-Olivier Brouillette.

“Those are great people, great men,” he says. “I’ve played with [Brouillette] so I know the type of man he is as well, and how serious he is about his business. So, it’s exciting to have some veteran leadership and guys that know what it takes to be great, know what it takes to succeed, so I’m excited for this upcoming year.”

Muamba also says he’s been able to tour the Riders’ new facility at Mosaic Stadium and is ready to open up the season for Saskatchewan fans.



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