Melfort Ambulance Tips To Prepare For The Cold


January 11, 2017 at 10:20 am - Home, Local News
By Cam Lee

Hypothermia and frostbite are possibilities when it’s this cold.

And Wayne Therres of Melfort Ambulance has some tips to stay safe in this type of weather.

He says it all starts with the acronym COLD:
C – cover your head, neck, and face, and wear scarves and mittens
O – overexertion leads to perspiration
L – layer your clothing – a snug inner layer, an insulating layer that is warm, then an outer layer that is windproof and water resistant
D – dry – stay dry with waterproof boots and mittens that aren’t super tight so circulation isn’t affected

Therres has some other tips:

“Make sure you eat and drink well, stay away from alcohol, food helps maintain body heat” says Therres.

He reminds everyone to keep moving, and limit your time outside on days like this.

Therres also has some reminders should your vehicle conk out while you’re on the road.

“Stay with (your vehicle), make sure the exhaust is clear, run your engine periodically just to keep some heat in the compartment, and try to get a hold of somebody to give you some help” Therres says.

An emergency vehicle kit is also a good idea.

Meanwhile, Therres outlines some of the telltale signs that hypothermia may be setting in.

“Kind of lethargic, sleepy, tired, they might have slurred speech” says Therres, who adds those affected often act like they are intoxicated or have low blood sugar.

“They’re just not going to be themselves, they’re not going to answer questions properly…as it progresses, they’re going to shivering from not shivering” according to Therres.

“If you have someone that’s really cold and not shivering, that’s a true medical emergency situation and you need to make that call to 9-1-1.”



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